Why We Love Herringbone Pattern

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Herringbone is a classic pattern that you will see in all around you, and I have recently fallen in love with its modern comeback. From placing it on your wall to wearing it as fashion, you will be falling in love with the herringbone pattern too.

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The history behind the herringbone makes it a classic and strong pattern to use. The herringbone pattern is known to have been developed and used during the Roman Empire. It is a simple pattern but is extremely strong due to the interlocking aspect of it. This made it perfect for brickwork. The interwoven aspect of it was also incorporated into textiles, jewelry, and metalwork, being able to be traced back to work from ancient Egyptian kings.

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Besides the longstanding history, another reason I love the herringbone is for its way of being inspiring and innovative. As a designer, we are always looking for ways to push our boundaries yet still use trusted solutions while doing so. In the Renaissance period, the herringbone pattern moved from a horizontal surface of the floor to motifs in architecture and interior design. You can even see the interlocking pattern on dome structures, such as the Duomo in Florence. It became a way to breakthrough to architecture, allowing people to create design solutions what they otherwise thought was impossible.

This classic pattern is extremely versatile, making it a favorite amongst designers. From any material such as tile or wood to using it on floors to walls, the herringbone pattern can be a great asset to any exterior or interior of a home. It also is a time-tested technique that is aesthetically attractive as well.

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One thing I personally love about the herringbone pattern is how it has made it into jewelry and fashion. These unexpected spaces are a great way to share my love for the herringbone pattern. From a knitted sweater to a high-quality hand knitted scarf, the herringbone pattern can peep into your wardrobe this fall and winter.

The texture of the herringbone pattern is unique as it offers a great way to incorporate neutral colours into your home or wardrobe. It stands alone as an attraction, and will be enough without having to worry about bright colors or other bold patterns.

Whether you are looking to redesign your home or garden or simply accessorize your wardrobe, the herringbone pattern is an excellent choice to incorporate into your life.