Why We Love Pretty in Pink

Why We Love Pretty in Pink

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I’m sure we all have certain stereotypical thoughts when we think of of “pretty in pink.” From a young girl’s princess-themed room to frilly laces and flowers, if you are wary of rooms that are “pretty in pink”, read on to find a new found appreciation and love for this color. When done right, pink can be an excellent backdrop or accent color that resonates the soft, tender feel you may be going for. Alternatively, a bright pink can be exactly the extra spice you want for a boost of energy.

Pink has long been used to decorate magnificent interiors. The word “pink” comes from the German word that is used for the frilly edge of petals. Madame de Pompadour during the Rococo period transformed the usage of pink through her use of it within the French court.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.52.54 PMpreciouslyme.com

The great thing about pink, whether for interiors or for fashion, is that the various shades ranging from a baby pink to blush red, make for an excellent palette to choose from. Pink goes well with a monochromatic background, and can be just that extra pop of color that you need in your home or outfit. An easy way to add some pink to any room is through extra accessories such as a fresh batch of flowers, towels in the bathroom, or extra pillows on the couch or bed.

Light pinks in home decor bring about a soft and elegant look to the room. Great for a living room or dining room, the space can easily transform into one with extra class and grandeur.

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This elegance can also be added to any outfit through just a small dose. From a piece of delicate jewelry to a pink top, the extra touch of color matches well with golds, silvers, or simply a black and white theme.

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If you are a bit more daring, you can use a light pink as the background, opting instead to have darker shades of pink or red to become the accents. Choose wisely on what you decide to decorate in bright pink as this will be the center of attention. Try and see if you can come up with creative ways to make both the color pop and allow your room to shine.

Pretty in pink can transform your room to truly be a classic and elegant look that is “pretty in pink”. Whether you decide to add a dab of pink or go full on and tackle a whole room, you may just find yourself choosing pink as your next color!

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